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The Asylum Challenge is a challenge that that will test your patience to its limits. Your goal is to manage the life of a Sim with the erratic trait, in a household of Sims who are all insane as well Die Sims 4 Asylum Challenge Hard Mode: Beginnen Sie mit 100 $. Schließe vier Bestrebungen ab, um die Herausforderung zu beenden. Du bist der einzige Sim, der einen Job haben darf, aber du kannst nur einen Job bekommen, wenn das Streben deines Sims... Sie dürfen keine Dienstmädchen benutzen oder. The Asylum Challenge has made its way to The Sims 4 after first being created for The Sims 2. This is one of the many challenges for The Sims 4 that has a fun story behind it and gameplay rules.. Welcome to The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge! Your sim is put in an asylum against their will. And, the only way they can get out is by proving to their psychiatrist that they're fine. But, they'll have to do so while taking care of 7 other people

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Hey guys, I have written the Asylum Challenge for The Sims 4! I took the challenge from The Sims 3 and re-wrote it to make sense in The Sims 4. I also added some difficulty modes to spice things up as well. If you think something should be changed, fixed etc. leave a comment in this thread or tweet me @NickM97 and I'll try and get back to you! I will update the thread when updates and. Created for the asylum challenge Sims 4 version. Size: 30 x 20, 1 6 bed dormer style bedroom, 1 community bathroom, 2 toilets, 2 sinks, 2 showers. Value: 47,338. Type: Residential. 5 skill builders as allowed by the challenge rules. To download it, search Origin ID BriNJar in the Sims 4 community in your game! Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Pinterest ; More; You Might Also Like. Sims 4 Sims 4. Doch die Asylum-Challenge kannte ich bis dato nicht. Neugierig las ich mir alles durch, verschlang die Regeln und plante in meinem Kopf bereits einige Sims. Ein deutliches Anzeichen dafür, dass es mich bereits in den Fingern juckte. Wie immer dürft Ihr dabei sein Viel Spaß! Die Einleitung Gegen den Willen wurdest du in eine alte und dreckige Anstalt für psychisch kranke Sims.

Top 9 Challenges für Die Sims 4: So bringt ihr Abwechslung ins Spiel 100 Babys, Asylum, Schwarze Witwe und mehr: Hier sind die 9 besten Herausforderungen für die Sims 4 in einer Liste. von. Sims Challenges. Menü. Die Sims 2; Die Sims 3; Die Sims 4; Downloads; Impressum; Kategorie: Asylum Challenge. Tag 32 - Der Abschied (Finale) Im letzten Kapitel zeigte sich der Fortschritt, den die Einwohner gemacht haben. In diesem Kapitel erlebt dieser Fortschritt noch eine Steigerung, denn Rose wird zur Firmenchefin befördert. Das heißt: Sie hat ihren Lebenswunsch erfüllt und kann die.

Ihr habt Sims 4 quasi schon durchgespielt und seid auf der Suche nach einer neuen Herausforderung? Dann ist der Challenges-Guide genau das Richtige fü So I recently discovered a Sims 4 challenge called The Asylum. For those who don't play Sims or know somewhat what the game is about, please read HERE. I will be focusing in the coming months on looking into some of the problematic things in The Sims 4, and the Sims community, especially the fan-created challenges I referenced this post on The Sims forums for this Sims 4 Mental Asylum challenge. I made changes made mainly to the background story and the winning conditions. The rules largely left untouched, although there were slight modifications due to the different winning conditions. For the purpose of this challenge, you will need the use of The Sims 4 Random Trait and Aspiration Generator. Note: I. The goal is to finish this sims aspiration as a way to show they are ready to leave the asylum. However, there are restrictions to what you can have in the house, for example, you can only have 5 beds but there are 8 sims. You can only have 1 bathroom. People will be tired, and peeing themselves and there are bound to be fires

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The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge I'm finding the Sims are napping in chairs anyway so it's hard to do this part of the challenge in Sims 4, but I'm having a lot of fun. Thank you for posting it. 1. Simley Posts: 284 Member. October 2014 edited October 2014. Well, I finished my Sim's first aspiration in Easy mode without too much difficulty, so I decided to try the second aspiration in Medium. Special thanks to all the positive feedback from last episode, hopefully you guys enjoy what's yet to come!As per a suggestion, decided to tweak the lot trai.. Citylife Challenge. Wenn du Die Sims 4: Großstadtleben hast, dann solltest du diese Challenge unbedingt einmal ausprobieren. Du fängst bei 0 an und arbeitest dich hoch. Wenn du in das Standard-Penthouse einziehen kannst, dann hast du die Challenge gemeistert. weiterlesen. 100 Baby Challenge . Je mehr Babys desto besser? Dann ist diese Challenge genau das Richtige für dich. Wir sind gespannt.

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In The Sims 4 , you can do whatever you want, but sometimes it's normal to run out of ideas and fall into the virtual routine. To spice up your game, there are several challenges you can do to have fun and try a different side of the game. Check out the ten most interesting challenges from The Sims 4 . 1 50 Sims 4 Challenges for 2020. Playing Sims 4 feels like having your own virtual life behind the screen. It is a highly intriguing life simulation video game that allows you to create and control people, known as Sims. There are so many things you can do in this game just like in real life. One of the things to do is completing the fan-made challenges Hallo. Kennt jemand gute Sims 3 oder Sims 4 Challenges, die nicht so lang sind wie z.B. die 100 Baby Challenge, sondern eher wie die Asylum Challenge. Ihr müsst auch nicht die Challengeregeln, etc. dazu schreiben, es sei denn, ihr habt die Challenge selbst erfunden. Danke im Voraus ; Home Sims 4 Asylum Challenge Asylum Challenge. Asylum Challenge Cracked, Chapter 5 October 30, 2019 0. Cherry is back from her visit with the aliens, and she is starving. Thankfully she could afford to order a couple of plasma packs from online sources. Asylum Challenge Cracked, Chapter 4 October 28, 2019 0. The first attempt crashed and burned when the caretaker died in an unfortunate.

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Die Sims 4 Asylum Challenge - Bestreben; Vorbereitungen zum Start. Zunächst muss du deinen Protagonisten erstellen. Das Alter ist junger Erwachsener oder Erwachsener. Das Aussehen kannst du dabei frei bestimmten. Eines der Charaktermerkmale muss Wahnsinnig sein, die anderen beiden können beliebig gewählt werden. Die Bestreben werden nun per Zufall ausgewählt, wobei Liebe und Familie. Insane Asylum Challenge - Sims 4. Insane Asylum Rules or a simpler version here I'm playing the Medium version of the rules <3 My sims' life span is on long for this challenge. Insane Asylum Characters: Lorena Hankins (Controlled Sim) Ervin Coin Sherry Newton Lisa Lemon Howard Roth Tyler Quick Randall Trent Riley McConnell Insane Asylum Challenge - newest posts Insane Asylum Challenge Week. The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge: Challenge Rules . The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge - Bethany Taylor. The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge - LessThanZero Sims. The Sims 4 Asylum. See a recent post on Tumblr from @tokiboo about sims-4-asylum-challenge. Discover more posts about sims-4-asylum-challenge

The rules in case anyone is interested: Sims 4 Asylum Challenge specifics: The Sims: Create a household with 8 Sims. All Sims must have the insane trait and cannot be self-assured. The other 2 traits as well as the lifetime aspiration should be randomized. Pick one Sim to control. The goal of this challenge is to get the controlled Sim to complete his/her lifetime aspiration, therefore. These rules were found on Insane Asylum Challenge- Modified Sims 3 Challenge — The Sims Forums The Sims: Create a household with 8 Sims. All Sims must have the insane trait and cannot be self-assured. The other 2 traits as well as the lifetime aspiration should be randomized. Pick one Sim to control. The goal of this challenge is to get the controlled Sim to complete his/her lifetime. The Asylum Challenge. The Asylum Challenge is another tricky storyline that will require all your Sims 4 skills. The situation is quite simple, but its execution is where all the difficulties hide. Your Sim will start in a mental hospital. And the truth is that they're sane but wrongfully locked there. Your goal will be to prove your sanity. Asylum Challenge Pretty self-explanatory, The Asylum Challenge is all about controlling sims with the insane trait in an asylum: You'll have to create a household of 8 sims Asylum Challenge: The Sims 4 Challenges. July 12, 2019 Sims Name Generator. Recent Posts. Basement Windows; Rounded Counters and Clutter Cabinets; Sims Roseanna Wallpaper; Sims What Lies Beyond Wallpaper; Sims Relaxing Red Wallpaper; Categories. Challenges; Quizzes; Tools; Tutorials; Wallpapers; Related Articles . June 20, 2019 Asylum Challenge: The Sims 4 Challenges. June 19, 2019 History.

Here are the rules of the TS3 Asylum Challenge: The 8 Sims can't be related. You can't play the other seven Sims. You can't even click on their picture. They can't get jobs and they can't leave the asylum. You may only leave the asylum to work or to go get a job. You may also leave to get groceries or go to the book store, but that's all. You may have other sims visit. You can even date other. Sims 4 ASYLUM CHALLENGE 8 Temmuz 2015 Çarşamba. The Inmates CURRENT INMATES CHELSEA MURRAY - first to be playable. Chelsea is a sweet girl... at times. At other times, well, let's just say she's very different. First Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire Second Aspiration: ??? Third Aspiration: ??? Traits: Romantic, Self-Assured, Insane Status: Alive, entered day 1 EMMETT CHAPMAN. Problematic. Asylum Challenge; Decades Challenge; Apocalypse Challenge; Disney Princess Challenge; Build-A-City Challenge; The challenges are based on various concepts so you won't be getting tired of them at all. From the challenges that are based on your character's aspirations to the one's that include romance, Sims challenges offer it all. Today, we will be talking about the ones that really got. Das große deutschsprachige Sims 4 Forum mit Diskussionen und Live Chat rund um Die Sims 4! Hier findet ihr Downloads, Cheats, Screenshots und vieles mehr Discover more posts about the sims 4 asylum challenge. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. wearesimily. Follow . so, do you guys remember that when my used to be insane asylum patient's adopted son was going to own a boys and girls home for insane children when he grew up remember that? lol I've been playing through with this very idea for a while now, i just haven't felt like updating I guessBUT here.

The Asylum Challenge was first made for The Sims 2 and has evolved with the series. Players create a full, eight-Sim household and are limited to controlling a single main Sim. The main Sim must be a young adult and, along with the other seven Sims, must have the Insane personality trait. Players can choose the Sim's appearance, style and remaining two traits. To win the Asylum Challenge. Sims 4 ASYLUM CHALLENGE 8 Temmuz 2015 Çarşamba. Day 5: Is a new romance blooming? Gönderen ege zaman: 15:42 Hiç yorum yok: Bunu E-postayla Gönder BlogThis! Twitter'da Paylaş Facebook'ta Paylaş Pinterest'te Paylaş. Day 2: Death Comes Early. 1:53 AM - Octavia Burleson died of extreme mortification. A new inmate will be introduced later in the day. 2:22 AM - Fellow inmates mourn Octavia. Apocalypse Challenge is one of the challenges that the Sims 4 fans have been wanting to have for a long period of time. It is finally here and you can think about getting your hands on the challenge. When you are playing this challenge, you will have to utilize your imagination and creative energy to come up with great things. This challenge will let you go through a storyline, which took. Challenges sorgen für Spaß und Abwechslung im Endlosspiel Sims 4. Die kreativen Szenarien bringen Sie dazu, das Spiel völlig anders anzugehen und wirklich hart daran zu arbeiten, die gestellte Herausforderung zu meistern. Wir stellen Ihnen drei der besten Challenges vor The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge. 1608588905. 21 December 2020. copy link to post. permalink. link copied. The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge [Updated 18th of September 2017] Hey guys, I have written the Asylum Challenge for The Sims 4! by forums.thesims.com. 0 notes.

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  1. That was a lot of fun though and I feel like it gives the sims some personality which is great because we all know 1st generation sims are normally boring. I am thinking of doing a rotational legacy type thing with the survives of my Asylum.. 4 are already paired up so it should be a grand time to see how their kids turn out and what happens to them and such.
  2. Related: The Sims 4: 9 Facts You Didn't Know About The Death Flower. This unique idea is a little fun and a great way to mix art with The Sims 4. You can use regular Sims or try to mimic the video's characters. Either way, it's a fun and short challenge that tells a story. 12 Mooch Off Your Neighbo
  3. June 20, 2019 Asylum Challenge: The Sims 4 Challenges. June 19, 2019 History. #3 Die Chubby Bunny-Challenge. Bei der Chubby-Bunny-Challenge geht es darum, mit dem Mund voller Marshmallows das Wort Chubby Bunny auszusprechen, ohne dass ein Marshmallow heruntergeschluckt oder ausgespuckt wird. Da es meist schon mega schwer ist, die ganzen Schaumdinger im Mund zu behalten, werdet ihr euch schon.
  4. This is a carefully planned Sims 4 challenge, so you need to be alert and creative if you want to complete it before the raccoon dies. Castaway - Sims 4 Challenges. The Castaway challenge requires the Outdoor Retreat and Get Together packs. This challenge will require you to create a sim that needs to live and survive in a particular land
  5. Esgibt zur Zeit mehrere verschiedene Challenges auf Nina's Kanal. Klicke hier , um zu allen Challenges zu kommen. 1 Ugly to Beauty 2 Make No Mistake 3 Random Genetics 4 No CC Challenge Die Ugly to Beauty Challenge ist eine der häufigsten Challenges, die es auf ihrem Kanal gibt. Bei dieser Challenge gebt es darum, einen Sim aus der Galerie (der des hässlich ist) in etwas schönes zu.
  6. Asylum. Asylum is a challenge in The Sims 4 that requires you to control a sim that lives in an asylum. In this mental health facility, you will need to strive for your release from this place. What you need to do in order to earn your release from the asylum is to follow the goals your psychiatrist tells you. Rules: You need to complete the tasks set by the psychiatrist in the asylum. You.

Nov 9, 2019 - Mindless Sims 4 Realm of Magic Asylum Challenge YouTube Serie The Sims 4: Asylum Challenge | Part 9 | Very Talkative! In this part we get some of Clark's Aspiration done while I ramble on and on :P Thanks for watching! ♦Important Info♦ Upload Schedule Mon: The Sims 3 Tues.. I've played this challenge in Sims 2 and Sims 3 and loved it so now it's time to test it out in Sims 4! I am following the Asylum Challenge. Sims 4 Challenge: Surviving The Mental Asylum; List of Sims 4 Stories - Share Yours! Menu. List of Sims 4 Challenges - Join Me! This page will list all the Sims 4 challenges that I am currently playing, have played before, or plan to play in the future. It will be frequently updated depending on my progress on the various challenges. Clicking on the links will bring you to the Challenge. Lots/Sims (TS4), Sims 4. TS4 - Straud Asylum. Date: May 15, 2017 Author: SimplyLo 0 Comments. A spooky 8br/7ba asylumgreat for storytelling or even doing the Asylum Challenge. Most stuff packs and all the expansions were used in this buildbut if you're missing some, items will simply be replaced. No big deal. Also no cc. Hope you enjoy it! Size: 30×40 Value: $300, 301 Traits: Cursed.

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The Disney Princess Challenge is still a very popular challenge in the The Sims 4 community. If you want to join in on the fun, just follow these rules Watch Funny Moments #71 The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge Seiji Pograjmerka - Foka on Dailymotio Die Welt der Sims Downloads, Screens und mehr Schlagwort: Asylum Schlagwort: Asylum Challenge Asylum Challenge Teil 4. 1. Dezember 2014 1. Dezember 2014 Angie Hinterlasse einen Kommentar. Seit wenigen Stunden geht der Lagerkoller um. Ich hoffe mal nicht das es mich auch noch erwischt, aber nachdem Elbert gesehen hat das diese zwei Mülltonnenturteltauben doch noch zueinander gefunden.

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9 The Sims 4 challenges worth your time. Check out some of our favorite challenges for The Sims 4. By Red Bull Editorial Team. Published on 08/03/2020 · 7:30 PM UTC. Save. Save. It's hard to. Sims 4 Asylum Challenge. I really enjoy the sims, but sometimes it get boring. So, I've started to try and play these challenges. (Below cut for length). I am playingsimswithcheese's Sim Asylum Challange. I will be posting screenshots as I play, because I am a terrible person and addicted to this game. Meet Devin Lester. She is one of the eight members in this Asylum. Her current goal is.

Asylum challenge, 4 1. 4 2. The Sims in my Asylum Welcome Back to part 4! 3. It's Spring time at the Asylum. 4. Where's your body?! Somehow the special clothes glitched and my Social Bunny doesn't have her outfit in all categories as I assigned it. 5. I've lost count of his best friend. His LTW is 20 BFs. I've had to change his. This is the Asylum challenge and tackles topics of Depression, Anxiety and Self-Harm. October 23 challenge pastel rainbowcy legacy petrichors philanthropist challenge rant seasons seven wizards challenge sims 4 sims 4 challenge sims 4 legacy spring into summer & fall into winter challenge stronger survival Tales from the Petrichors Tales from the Petrichors (mega legacy) the asylum. Asylum Challenge. I decided to have a go at the asylum challenge playing on medium mode using the rules outlined HERE. I used a previously made sim of mine, Kayla Cole, as the primary sim and added 7 other crazy loons to her household. If you want them for your game they are HERE

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  1. The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge General building rules for all difficulties: Money cheats are allowed to be used for the purpose of building a new asylum. All objects used must be the cheapest version of that object (cheapest counters, cheapest floors, cheapest chairs, etc.). You are not allowed to add an item that impacts the emotions of the Sims living in the asylum or any items that prevent.
  2. In unserer Übersicht findest du bereits ein paar Challenges für Die Sims 4. Die Liste wird von Zeit zu Zeit aktualisiert und ergänzt. Kennst auch du noch eine tolle Challenge, dann teile uns diese bei Facebook, Twitter und Co. mit. Und nun viel Spaß bei deiner Herausforderung! alle News . Die Sims 4 An die Uni Erweiterungspack. Jetzt erhältlich! zur Info-Seite. bei Amazon bestellen.
  3. Asylum Challenge Teil 2. 1. Dezember 2014 Angie Hinterlasse einen Kommentar. Es gibt ja Sims, die sind fast nicht mehr zu toppen. Und in der Anstalt sowieso. Also mir geschehen seit geraumer Zeit Dinge mit den Mitinsassen das verschlägt einem nicht mal die Hand vorm Mund. So schockierend! Als ich (mal wieder) den Müll rausbringen will, sehe ich das: Und ich wundere mich über den Gestank.
  4. The newest episode of my Sims 4 Asylum Challenge is up!! And let me tell you... be careful what you wish for... cause sometime you get it... and fast! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave me a like and a comment. I love hearing and talking with ya'll! And, of course, it would be awesome if you shared it, too! Posted by Writer Junkie at 7:23 AM. Email This BlogThis! Share.
  5. Sims 4 Challenges the apocalypse challenge http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/789944/the-apocalypse-challenge-attempt-to-adaptation the disney princess 10 gen.
  6. Connaissez-vous les challenges dans Les Sims 4 ? Ils sont un excellent moyen pour s'occuper, pour se surpasser et surtout pour s'amuser ! C'est alors que nous intervenons en vous présentant différents challenges que nous avons pu glaner ici ou là ! Vous pouvez aussi nous en proposer dans les commentaires de ce sommaire et nous nous ferons un plaisir de les rajouter dans cette liste. Cliquez.

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  1. I built this lot for my recent Sims 2 asylum challenge (streamed on Twitch), and had several requests to make it available for download. So here you go! This lot is meant to be used with my asylum challenge rules, but could be used for any other rules or challenges you like. Features & Amenities . The asylum is a run-down dump. It's creepy, old, overgrown, and unkempt. It could easily be.
  2. I did the Asylum Challenge (The Sims 4 Website Forum), and liked it. In the end I had my insane Sim go completely off the deep end and do away with all her fellow asylum residents (death by cowplant). Must be a bit of the macabre in me, I thought it all quite fun. And I shall enjoy being the Black Widow. Logged tjtemple . Occult; Posts: 273; Re: Rules: Black Widow Challenge « Reply #3 on: May.
  3. Asylum Challenge | Cow Plant Club (Für die Sims 3 Version) Beiträge 2. Danke 0. Hallo, ich habe mir eine eigene Sims 4 Challenge ausgedacht und dachte mir ich Poste sie Euch mal, falls jemand diese challenge mal ausprobieren möchte. Die Schneewittchen Challenge Es wäre schön wenn es eine Vorgeschichte gäbe. Das Gebäude: - Baue ein kleines Haus mit acht Schlafplätzen im Wald-Look.
  4. THE SIMS 4 BLOG. Forside. Udfordringer. Alien Takeover Challenge; Asylum Challenge; Big Sister Challenge; Black Widow Challenge; Disney Princess Legacy; Halloween Lifestyle Challenge; History Challenge; Hunger Games; Master Vampire Challenge; Not So Berry Legacy; Royal Kingdom Challenge; Runaway Teen Challenge; Super Sim Challenge ; The Island Challenge; 7 Toddler Challenge; 100 Baby Challenge.

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  1. Let's Play the Sims 4 Asylum Challenge Part 2: Break It All Elle and her housemates get into the routine... of breaking things, apparently! We see the set up for how things are going to go this challenge in Part 2 of my Asylum challenge. I think Elle is going to have her hands full trying to keep the house running smoothly, take care of those aspirations, and bring in the money to pay the high.
  2. The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge part 10. Report. Browse more videos. Browse more videos.
  3. Disclaimer!!! Diese Challenge will niemanden persönlich angreifen. Sie ist rein oberflächlich und hat nur etwas mit Schönheitsidealen zu tun. 1 REGELN der Ugly to Beauty Challenge: 1.1 Man darf nicht: 1.2 Man darf: 2 Folge 1:Das kann nicht sein?!?! - Die Sims 4 Ugly to Beauty Challenge 3 Folg
  4. A guide to The Sims 4 Ultimate Survival Challenge . created by ApelsinOriental. Getting started on any type of challenge with the Sims 4 can be daunting to say the least. However, Challenges can help you learn the game mechanics and just how capable your Sims really are. This is a little know challenge that was written by ApelsinOriental. For this challenge you will need to have Outdoor.
  5. She had all of the original Sims games and one week while I was on vacation I took her games and started playing. That was the beginning of my obsession. I played Sims 1 for about a month and then decided to buy Sims 2. When Sims 3 was released I made the move and have never looked back. Now I am all in on Sims 4 and still loving it
  6. 100 Babys, Asylum, Schwarze Witwe und mehr: Hier sind die 9 besten Herausforderungen für die Sims 4 in einer Liste. - Seite
  7. Hi everyone! I just wanted to add a slight update to the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge rules. Since the game counts pets and human Sims into the 8 Sims per household limit, Pinstar decided that it would be fine to use the MC Command Center mod to increase that amount as you see fit so that it's not so limited with only 8. The Gameplay Rules have been updated to reflect this

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  1. The 4 most worthwhile Sims 3 Challenges. Posted on October 11, 2011 April 2, 2013 by Julia. By now, every Sims player has probably hit it: the slump. After playing The Sims 3 extensively for my bachelor thesis (this still sounds wrong to me) I took a break myself, since the game held nothing new. Even add-ons don't really provide a great deal of satisfaction in Sims games, I would even.
  2. website builder. Create your website today. Start Now. The Sims Challenges. Legacy Challenges
  3. Schon seit Sims 2 begleitet uns die Legacy-Challenge durch die Spielereihe. Auch in Sims 4 kehrt sie zurück - dieses Mal noch größer und ausführlicher als je zuvor. Da es mittlerweile.
  4. NRaas.net: 2 years, 4 million+ downloads ~ Posted 10/04/20 by Chain_Reaction Server Maintenance [Sept 23] ~ Posted 09/22/20 by Chain_Reaction Github Updated ~ Posted 09/03/20 by Chain_Reactio
  5. My aim with this site is to organize the most famous challenges of The Sims and keep them updated. Try the random app that I created and follow me on Twitter to know when I update a challenge or when I bring something new! Twitter to know when I update a challenge or when I bring something new
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Sims 3 Challenges.gotta love em! Category: Asylum Challenge Love Legacy Chapter 23. Asylum Challenge, Love Family Legacy. Having completed my sentence I am now a free man. It has been a very long and hard time for me. Just one impulsive act can put you on a road you don't really wish to travel. I am looking forward to spending the remainder of my life with my wife Holly and getting to. Die Citylife Challenge ist eine Challenge in Die Sims 4, die von Fans/Simmern erfunden wurde.. Voraussetzung: Das Erweiterungspack Großstadleben muss installiert sein.. Beschreibung. Du fängst mit 0 Simoleons an und arbeitest dich hoch. Wenn du in das Standard-Penthouse in San Myshuno einziehen kannst, dann hast du die Challenge gemeistert Die Sims 4 Die Sims Mobile Die Sims FreePlay Spark'd Challenges Übersicht Challenge-Archiv News Die Sims 4 Übersicht Challenge-Archiv News Die Sims 4 Challenge-Archiv. Alle kreativen Werke an einem Ort! Erfahre mehr über vorherige Challenges, wähle die besten Spark'd-Kreationen aus und lade sie in der Galerie herunter Sims 4. Here is some challenges for the sims 4. There could be some mods that will be involved, so I will be linking them. Princess Aslym Challenge: YouTube Video. By KoffeeYT. Link To Playlist: The Runaway Disney Challenge. YouTube Video. By WysidiaYT. Subpages (2): Disney Princess Asylum Challenge Runaway Disney Princess. Comments. Sign in | Recent Site Activity | Report Abuse | Print Page.

100 BABY CHALLENGE MOD 👶 | THE SIMS 4 // CUSTOM ASPIRATIONCerulean Talon&#39;s The Sim State Insane AsylumPrison Harley Quinn in Sims 4 // Surreal_Simmer - YouTubeElegance Topiary Shrubs TS4 Conversion by AdonisPluto at
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